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Because of the present safety recalls of the dog treats, you must try to make homemade dog treats for your pet. For those which are concerned on the many ingredients in the healthy pet treats that they give their dogs for health, such recipe is definitely a winner. Know that there are just two ingredients, the beef tendon and the olive oil. The beef tendon is really a popular addition to the Asian meals and may be easily obtained at the local Asian food markets.


What you need are ingredients and supplies. You will need the beef tendon, kitchen brush, olive oil, a good sharp knife, a cutting board as well as some tin foil and also a drying rack or drippings pan combo for the oven the lowest possible setting that is often 200F.


The first thing that you should do is to prepare the beef tendon. The tendons would naturally occur in pairs. You have to look for the part of the tendon where you can readily pry them apart. You can take the knife and then gently fillet the tendons apart.


What you must do next is to oil the tendons. You will have to get the kitchen brush and lightly coat the tendons in olive oil. Know that the oil is going to prevent the tendons from becoming overly dry. Put the oiled tendons on the drying rack after. Ensure that the dripping pan has a coat of tin foil which will make such clean-up a lot easier.


What you must then do is to put the pan in the middle rack of your oven and then let the tendons dry for around two hours. The tendons are going to shrink by around fifty percent with such drying process. Let the tendons cool down for several minutes and then get rid of the excess fat. You must cut the tendons into the right bite-sized pieces for the dog and then you are done. You should store such treats in the fridge in order to prevent the spoilage. The shelf life is around two weeks.


There are many more recipes that you will be able to know when you are going to search online for those dog treats. There are surely a lot of healthy options that you will get to learn and make and you will be pleased to know the best products which are excellent for your pet. If you are wondering where to buy healthy dog treats, be sure to check out online sources online.