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It is very common nowadays that people are very attached to their pets, especially dog owners. They are very devoted to their dogs that they are really investing their time, money and efforts on them, which just shows that millennials really have integrated pets, especially dogs in their lives. One of the most common thing that dog owners do to show their love and to show how much they care for their pet dogs is by buying and giving them treats. Occasionally, dog treats were used as a tool for rewarding dogs who display good behaviour, or simply for training, but now, it has broken away from that and dog owners use it as a way to spoil their pet dogs. Nevertheless, spoiling your dog with dog treats is not a bad idea, but it does come with responsibilities, like making sure that the dog treats you are giving to your pet dog is healthy and will not put him or her at risk in the future. Find healthy treats for small dogs by looking them up online. 


Looking at the ingredients that were used in making the dog treat one of the most important things a responsible dog owner should do. Most of the time, people who buy dog treats will tend to ignore the ingredients in it, as long as it does the job of making the dog happy. What they do not know is that if you neglect the ingredients in there, you are also neglecting the nutrition of your dog. The ingredients in dog treats will have a big effect on your dog's diet and health. A good dog treat should be made from organic ingredients, such as whole grains, like brown rice or oats and also include source of protein, like chicken or beef. It is very critical that you take a look at the dog treat's ingredients before purchasing because there are a lot of variations of dog treats in the market, as well as dog treats that have sugar and fat as their main ingredient which can be very dangerous to your dog. 


Like, humans, dogs also need to be careful of their calorie intake, that is why, as humans or dog owners, it is our responsibility to do it for them. It is very important that the amount of calorie in the dog treat should be low, because dogs can easily become overweight when they are fed with dog treats that has high calorie count, and that could not only be bad for your dog in the future, but also for you, because the dog's health can really require you to pay a large amount of money to the vets in the future.