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Because of the present safety recalls of the dog treats, you must try to make homemade dog treats for your pet. For those which are concerned on the many ingredients in the healthy pet treats that they give their dogs for health, such recipe is definitely a winner. Know that there are just two ingredients, the beef tendon and the olive oil. The beef tendon is really a popular addition to the Asian meals and may be easily obtained at the local Asian food markets.


What you need are ingredients and supplies. You will need the beef tendon, kitchen brush, olive oil, a good sharp knife, a cutting board as well as some tin foil and also a drying rack or drippings pan combo for the oven the lowest possible setting that is often 200F.


The first thing that you should do is to prepare the beef tendon. The tendons would naturally occur in pairs. You have to look for the part of the tendon where you can readily pry them apart. You can take the knife and then gently fillet the tendons apart.


What you must do next is to oil the tendons. You will have to get the kitchen brush and lightly coat the tendons in olive oil. Know that the oil is going to prevent the tendons from becoming overly dry. Put the oiled tendons on the drying rack after. Ensure that the dripping pan has a coat of tin foil which will make such clean-up a lot easier.


What you must then do is to put the pan in the middle rack of your oven and then let the tendons dry for around two hours. The tendons are going to shrink by around fifty percent with such drying process. Let the tendons cool down for several minutes and then get rid of the excess fat. You must cut the tendons into the right bite-sized pieces for the dog and then you are done. You should store such treats in the fridge in order to prevent the spoilage. The shelf life is around two weeks.


There are many more recipes that you will be able to know when you are going to search online for those dog treats. There are surely a lot of healthy options that you will get to learn and make and you will be pleased to know the best products which are excellent for your pet. If you are wondering where to buy healthy dog treats, be sure to check out online sources online. 


It is very common nowadays that people are very attached to their pets, especially dog owners. They are very devoted to their dogs that they are really investing their time, money and efforts on them, which just shows that millennials really have integrated pets, especially dogs in their lives. One of the most common thing that dog owners do to show their love and to show how much they care for their pet dogs is by buying and giving them treats. Occasionally, dog treats were used as a tool for rewarding dogs who display good behaviour, or simply for training, but now, it has broken away from that and dog owners use it as a way to spoil their pet dogs. Nevertheless, spoiling your dog with dog treats is not a bad idea, but it does come with responsibilities, like making sure that the dog treats you are giving to your pet dog is healthy and will not put him or her at risk in the future. Find healthy treats for small dogs by looking them up online. 


Looking at the ingredients that were used in making the dog treat one of the most important things a responsible dog owner should do. Most of the time, people who buy dog treats will tend to ignore the ingredients in it, as long as it does the job of making the dog happy. What they do not know is that if you neglect the ingredients in there, you are also neglecting the nutrition of your dog. The ingredients in dog treats will have a big effect on your dog's diet and health. A good dog treat should be made from organic ingredients, such as whole grains, like brown rice or oats and also include source of protein, like chicken or beef. It is very critical that you take a look at the dog treat's ingredients before purchasing because there are a lot of variations of dog treats in the market, as well as dog treats that have sugar and fat as their main ingredient which can be very dangerous to your dog. 


Like, humans, dogs also need to be careful of their calorie intake, that is why, as humans or dog owners, it is our responsibility to do it for them. It is very important that the amount of calorie in the dog treat should be low, because dogs can easily become overweight when they are fed with dog treats that has high calorie count, and that could not only be bad for your dog in the future, but also for you, because the dog's health can really require you to pay a large amount of money to the vets in the future.


Pet treats play a very important role when it comes to the discipline and proper growth of your pet. You should treat them as an asset because it can help you train your dog. Just in case your pet dog is still not following you even after you give him a treat, then your timing is incorrect. In this article, we will be helping you practice the right time to reward your pet with dog treats.


It is ideal to give your natural dog treats in between his meals. Keep in mind that including dog treats along with dog food is NOT a good idea. For best results, try looking for the kind of dog treat that your pet loves. Treats also work as an encouraging tool especially when training your pet. This is something that will help you discipline your dog.


When holding the treat for your dog, it is advisable that you hold it between the first 2 fingers and thumb. Then bring it closer to your pet and let him sniff it. This will signal him that the treat is there. Starting with the dog's nose is always a good idea because it is highly rewarding to them. If you are wondering why, it is because their sense of smell is one of the most important parts of their brain.


Once your dog has sniffed the treat in your hand, carefully lift the treat and move it slowly over his head and shoulders. The aim of this method is to make your dog sit on his butt. You will find this very easy to do for as long as your timing is correct.


Don't rush when rewarding your pet with treats. Lift the treat carefully and allow your dog's nose to follow the movement of your hand. When you see that your dog jumps at your hand, this is a sign that you should take the treat away. As soon as your dog follows your commands, it is now time to reward him. Carefully and calmly give him the treat and do not disturb him while enjoying his reward. When practicing giving treats to your pet, remember not to overexcite them. 


When buying treats for your dog, it is best to shop online. Now that we are in the 21st century, you will find a lot of reliable manufacturers and merchants on the internet. You will have plenty of options and you will even save time, energy, and money. 


You get to choose the best and nutritious dog treats available, pay online, and even get your dog treats delivered to your doorstep without leaving the comfort of your own home. Now how easy and convenient is that?